D&December Instagramin'

Let's try doing character art!

Posted by Matthew Farleo on 16th Jan 2020

Howdy Folks, so those of you that know me (and probably some of you that don't) know that I am a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons. I've been playing since third edition in the 90's and have always enjoyed the concept of just getting together with your homies and beating up some imaginary goblins. Well recently I joined Instagram and in doing so found out a nifty challenge called "DnDecember," where you take a prompt list and try and complete a drawing/sketch/doodle/artwork everyday of the month. The prompt list I was using I found on Instagram from a more prolific character artist - AndersonCaraman (I've included it below so you can check it out).

So I'm not gonna lie, I don't typically do character art, so it was a fun challenge to try and stretch my personal graphic style (being a graphic designer) into a more character-oriented place. The first thing I wanted to get down was a consistent sketch style that could be easily vectorized. Once I had a sketch down on paper - I would just take a photo of the sketch with my phone and throw it into photoshop to desaturate it and bump up the darks using curves. Then I took the sketch into illustrator and worked some vector-art magic. For each character I did a similar process - first outlines, then grayscale, followed by a monochromatic version and a full colored version. To take a look what that all looks like, check out my process shot for Zareena below.

So I started the month of december with a lofty goal of 31 new pieces of character art and I was able to slam out 24 - unfortunantly the month of December was a little hectic for me (with the Holidays and all...) so I wasn't able to get every single character drawn - maybe next year. For a sweet recap of all of the characters here's an animated gif.