Who am I, What is this and What is User Experience?

Posted by Matthew Farleo on 16th Dec 2017

Welcome one and all to this, my repository of information on the internet pertaining to digital products and user experience design. Throughout I will be attempting to explain user experience design, dissect digital experiences or enlighten readers with common professional methodologies. But before that, we must dispense with the formalities of introductions.

Who Am I?

My name is Matthew Farleo and I'm not a huge fan of specific titles, but I like to think of myself as a digital creative. I've worked professionally as a creative in the advertising, website development, and digital product business for a while now, helping out clients large and small by building successful digital experiences.

Outside of work, I am what you would call a digital native. I grew up as the digital revolution was occurring. I've watched video games go from 16bit to infinite procedurally generated universes with zillions of polygons in an immersive VR space. I saw the internet grow from phone-line entangling dial-up to whatever it is today. That brings us to the next question...

What is this Blog About?

This blog is / will be a collection of thoughts on digital experiences, user experience design and its methodologies. This is a buzzwordy way of saying I'm going to be looking at digital products (Websites, apps, video games and VR) and talking about their experiences. Also, leaning on my professional work I will dissect the methodologies of user experience design, how to create design artifacts and some examples of how and why to do things. Generally, just look for this to be a place where you can learn a thing or two about user experience design or review new experiences through my point of view.

UX or User Experience Sounds Fancy, What is it?

I'm not a huge fan of the term UX (or User Experience) design. I'm generally of the thought that all graphic design is user experience design since if you're not doing it with the end user/customer in mind, you aren't doing it right. Basically User Experience design, in my eyes, is putting the end user at the center of all of the design decisions you make. Understanding how they think and what they've done is the cornerstone of any successful digital product. The goal of user-centered design is an intuitive interface that seamlessly allows users to accomplish their goals.

Think of this as a place to learn blue collar user experience design. I'm going to try and take the variety of complex ideas that make up UX design and help as many people understand those nuances. I guess my idea is to democratize the building of the digital landscape because when people have created a piece of it they are more willing to defend its ideas.