What's Been Happenin' - Fall 2019 Edition

I haven’t been posting regularly - why is that and what’s to come?

Posted by Matthew Farleo on 30th Sep 2019

The short answer is, I’ve been busy. This article should shed some insight on what I’ve been working on and where you can continue to follow me for cool creative work.


Wait, you aren’t following me on Instagram? Honestly, I don’t blame you because I haven’t had one until about a month or so ago (yeah, I’m real late to that party). But that being said, I’m on there now and I’ve been trying to post new creative concepts and designs on a somewhat regular basis from some of my other digital content channels (more on those below). Following this are some examples of the kind of work you can expect from my InstaG.

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YouTube & Mixer

Remember those other digital content channels I mentioned above? Mixer and YouTube are the two other digital channels I have been diving into. I have been streaming IndieGames and the creation of vector art assets on Mixer. Taking the footage as b-roll and modifying it via AfterEffects to produce shortened time lapse videos of said vector art creation for use on YouTube. I’m also looking into creating a series of tutorial videos for both AfterEffects and Illustrator based on this content - if you watch any of the asset time lapse videos and have wondered how I do something in particular, reach out via email or on Instagram and let me know and you might see a tutorial about it in the future.

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New Portfolio Work!

Recently I had the privilege to work with a brand new coffee roaster in Colorado called “Half Sight Coffee Roasters.” I was approached to help craft the visual style of their brand by creating a logo, business cards & various other collateral. You can check out that project on my portfolio by clicking the image button below.



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What’s Coming Next?

All of this new creative work and video nonsense is in the never-ending pursuit to become a more rounded creative individual and content producer. If my goal is to be knowledgeable about digital and traditional marketing, I must continue to understand and learn the various channels that my work will be used. If I want to be a valuable creative director and resource, I will need to know more than just how to design the crap out of a layout - but why that layout is needed, how it will be utilized and how its potential can be maximized.

To that end, I’m trying my hand at writing more focused content - less about high-level UX concepts, but more focused on how design can benefit specific industries and strategies for tackling problems that tend to arise in those industries using new technology and digital marketing mediums.

So stay tuned for what’s next!