Brainerd Public Schools


Posted by on 1st Jan 2018

Brainerd High School needed a new mascot and brand to help revitalize the district. The old Brainerd Warrior logo was an image of a Native American, which was removed due to cultural considerations. The new Warrior had to represent the area and its community and conform to the rich football heritage of the area. The new mascot (pictured: right) brought a unique take to the typical viking iconography familiar to Minnesota.

Partnering with the District

Creating a new mascot that represents an area high school is no simple task and to ensure that the new mascot connected with its audience and represented the values of the school was paramount. That's why it was important to work with various members of the school community; students, teachers and faculty, to illustrate the district's values in its family of mascots.

I was responsible for assisting to lead the discovery meetings with the various district personnel, as well as producing the mascot branding, from concept sketches to completed designs. My job was creating a cohesive family of mascots to be used across the district's elementary schools that would introduce the younger students to the district's values and prepare them for the role as future "Warriors."

After months of work with district personnel, we were ready to present the new High School Mascot to the district as a whole at their annual schoolyear kickoff. Taking the final design of the mascot into a final video presentation to add additional impact, the mascot was received with a standing ovation by the members of the community.