Working as the primary (only) graphic designer at a startup is generally no easy task. And when that company is in the exciting process of moving from a startup to a growth company the task can be even more daunting. I joined the CyberGRX marketing team when we were just four people strong, and it was my first project to help modernize our branding to bring our software as a service (SaaS) product to an eager marketplace. Generally, cybersecurity is seen as a drab and somewhat uninspiring B2B business – featuring boring visual design. That’s why I was excited for the challenge of creating a bold, new look for the CyberGRX brand. Not only that but in our digital age cybersecurity will only become more important – so an opportunity to design for an up-and-coming brand in the space was pretty exciting.

The first project I had the pleasure of working on was a complete redesign of our website. While the information architecture and content had mostly been drafted by the time I arrived, the task of the visual design and page layout fell to me. I collaborated with our development resources to create the new look and feel that represented the modern SaaS look and feel of the CyberGRX brand – bringing it to life through application illustrations and modern iconography. Visit the website here.

Outside of the website, I was responsible for designing everything and anything that was needed from a visual design perspective – meaning I was able to produce everything from case studies, whitepapers, datasheets, and everything in between. While at CyberGRX I was able to collaborate with an absolutely fantastic group of marketers and content creators, which definitely made my job as a visual designer much easier. I also was able to collaborate with outside vendors – working with videographers to produce marketing videos and exhibit designers to build trade show booths.

Check out some of the work I had the pleasure of creating below – starting with a research report from the Ponemon Institute on digital transformation (which can be found here) where I was able to create some awesome data visualizations, zoom backgrounds, and CyberGRX iconography.

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