Working as the only graphic designer at a startup is generally no easy task. And when that company is in the exciting process of moving from a startup to a growth company the task can be even more daunting. I joined the CyberGRX marketing team when we were just four people strong, and it was my first project to help modernize our branding to bring our software as a service (SaaS) product to an eager marketplace. Generally, cybersecurity is seen as a drab and somewhat uninspiring B2B business – featuring boring visual design. That’s why I was excited for the challenge of creating a bold, new look for the CyberGRX brand. Not only that but in our digital age cybersecurity will only become more important – so an opportunity to design for an up-and-coming brand in the space was pretty exciting.

One project which I was able to bring together that provided a lot of value was the introductory animation to CyberGRX, titled simply “What is CyberGRX?” Working with our content marketing director, I helped put visuals to a simply told story – when before explaining CyberGRX took a face-to-face conversation, now it could be done thru the use of our simple animated explainer (watch below).

I was also on a team responsible for the complete website refresh and overhaul during my time at CyberGRX. Learn more about that project and its results here

As a B2B company, tradeshows are crucial to our marketing lead funnel – driving both top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel engagements. I was responsible for the design and management of the fabrication of our booth for the largest cybersecurity events in the country. At RSA 2022, CyberGRX had its best tradeshow to date – doubling the pre-show estimated number of leads. This was done, in part, thanks to the tradeshow assets that I designed and implemented, from the advertisements in the SFO airport for arriving tradeshow attendees to banners around the convention center, to finally our booth presence, CyberGRX was with RSA travelers every step of the way (pictured below).

On the heels of that successful RSA, CyberGRX co-sponsored a huge concert event at BlackHat 2022 in Las Vegas featuring Vanilla Ice, Mark McGrath, & Tone Loc (it was a real 90s throwback), and I had the awesome privilege of designing the concert poster, shirts, and promotional materials for that incredibly successful event as well.

Being able to work with a variety of people with different viewpoints to collaborate and bring our ideas together and create something great (and effective) has been a big feature and probably my favorite part of my work with CyberGRX. And don’t take it just from me – I’ve included some kind words from my colleagues below that help illustrate the impact I was able to have at CyberGRX.

Matt is a true partner in creative direction and design. His approach to visual design positively impacts our success as a marketing organization and directly contributes to CyberGRX’s market leader position. The brand Matt has built for CyberGRX is unique, dynamic, and stands out in a sea of cybersecurity companies. I consider lucky to be able to work with such a talented and collaborative creative powerhouse.

Holly Spiers – Director of Product Marketing at CyberGRX

What sets Matt apart is not only his expertise in his field, but his continued curiosity and ability to see the forest through the trees. He has a unique perspective that enables him to bring innovative solutions to the table and drive projects forward with confidence. His professionalism, creativity, and willingness to go the extra mile make him a fantastic coworker and one of CyberGRX’s best resources.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Matt enough. He is an exceptional graphic designer and a true asset to any team. His commitment to excellence and his ability to consistently deliver outstanding results make him a 10/10 in my book.

Matt Wucher – Director of Marketing Operations at CyberGRX

And finally – I’ve included below some examples of additional assets that I produced as a member of the CyberGRX marketing team – from eBooks to marketing campaigns, I was the go-to guy to get visual design done for CyberGRX.

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