One of the largest projects that I had a major role in at CyberGRX was the redesign and rebuild of the CyberGRX Website & Brand Refresh. When I was initially brought onto the CyberGRX team, the goal was to design a backlog of content to match their current brand – however, after a couple years in the market the brand began to feel generic and in need of a refresh.

CyberGRX Website
Where We Started – While the clean, bright look and feel suited our SaaS company – it felt generic in a crowded marketplace – and we wanted to stand out.

The old site talked abstractly about what we did and the problems in the third-party cyber risk market. And in the grand scheme of things, we used a lot of words to say a whole lot of nothing. Words that, while polished, failed to stand out from the competitors, mention or portray the value of the CyberGRX platform, and connect on a human level. According to a 2022 Gallup study, 70% of decisions are based on emotional factors, and 30% are based on logic and data. Not surprisingly, we received feedback from sales prospects that they didn’t understand what CyberGRX offered or how it benefitted them. So this project started with a fresh approach to content built on the Storybrand Framework.

My favorite part about this project was the ability to think abstractly to try and tell the CyberGRX story visually. Taking the concept of our data-rich exchange and extrapolating it into a thermal HUD-style display showcasing a customer’s ecosystem thru a cityscape with a heatmap overlay was a great way to represent all the players in CyberGRX’s story. This visual motif was then utilized across our brand collateral, taking center stage at our tradeshow booth, across multiple pull-up banners, and numerous pieces of printed collateral.

To see several of the new website pages in action, check out the video below – in addition to other collateral that was redesigned as part of our brand refresh.

The project began development in October of 2022 and phase 1 went live in February of 2023 allowing our team to begin collecting results.

So what were the results of this brand refresh and website rework?

  • Blog traffic initially experienced a sharp decline due to the structural changes and 301 redirects. We anticipated this dip, and once Google re-indexed our content, traffic rebounded within two months.
  • Excluding the short blog traffic anomaly, organic search traffic was up for the entire website by 27% YoY, which we attributed to our SEO keyword strategies and optimized page meta descriptions.
  • The visitor-to-demo conversion rate increased by 77%, an indicator that the new messaging and website flow were effective.
  • Total organic demo requests increased 55% YoY, attributed to the ongoing message testing plus optimization work on the demo page layout and form placement.

Final Note: CyberGRX was acquired by ProcessUnity in June 2023; the website, though at peak performance, was retired in December 2023 when the CyberGRX brand was permanently phased out.

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