I led the team that developed the brand and aesthetic style for the ABV Cannabis Company. Understanding your consumers is key, and that is where our team started. Working closely with the client we were able to perform CX marketing research, develop customer personas, and iterate on concepts quickly to develop a bold and unique brand that would represent the company, appeal to their customers, and stand out on the dispensary shelf.

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Creating The Brand

The client wanted to create a cannabis company that represented who he is and where he and his brand have come from, namely Colorado. So my goal was to craft a strong, bold Colorado inspired logo. Our final logo’s direction started from our research into ski-town and resort branding, focusing on an active sport / lifestyle feel.

As the concepts were refined I kept looking to our primary dispensary customer personas for inspiration, focusing on building an iconic look that would appeal to millennial consumers while incorporating a classic color palette to appeal to boomer tourists. All of these elements were brought together in our initial brand launch campaign focusing around the tagline “Cultivated With a Pioneering Spirit.”

Launching the Brand:
Cultivated With a Pioneering Spirit Campaign

Getting ABV’s name out into the public began with the design of the packaging, building on our brand I created an icon-set that was put to use as patterns on the packaging and shipper boxes. Once the product was on its way to dispensaries, I helped create all the appropriate swag and worked to get it placed at cannabis themed events. Other than just the product in dispensaries, I also worked to create printed materials for dispensary waiting rooms to further explain and highlight the products benefits and features.

All of this was built and established on the strong brand guidelines that my team was able to produce, which gave ABV a strong foundational brand launch platform.

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