Half Sight Coffee Roasters was a brand new player in the Colorado craft coffee roasting scene, roasting delicious blends from around the world. The story behind the brand stems from each of us bringing our own perspective to our interactions, bringing half the perspective – half the vision – half the sight. Popping up at farmers markets around the Denver area, if you are on the lookout for a good cup of joe, pickup a bag.

Working with the Founders

I was contacted by one of the founders of Half Sight to help them create the new branding & logo for their company after some initial forays with inexpensive online graphic design services. The goal was to create something warm, welcoming and most importantly, approachable. There are already plenty of high-end brands that have an aire of superiority and snobbery while the folks at Half Sight wanted to appeal to the average folks – giving them a high-end cuppa, without the attitude.

I worked through several initial concepts that focused on various ways to create a unique mark that focused on eye imagery – a key visual element that would help the brand stand out among other craft coffee brands. Some early concepts featured a geometric take, a latte swirl and a more classic coffeeshop feel.

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